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Host Families

Our host families represent a very special and hand-picked group who love the company of young people. Most of them either want to give another child the opportunity of sharing the home life of their own growing family or, if their children have already reached adulthood, feel that they can offer the safe and caring environment once occupied by their own children. Alpha Plus takes a genuine interest in your child’s academic and personal and social development.

At Alpha Plus we ensure that we place each of our students with a suitable host family living close to his or her school. We visit the homes of our host families in advance to be sure that we select the right environment – safe, stimulating and happy – for each child in our care. Where possible we match families and students where they have things in common such as music and sport and endeavour to build the foundation of a relationship that can be enjoyed by both the student and the host family.

We are always looking out for special people who are interested in acting as a host family. There’s a wide variety of rewarding reasons for taking on such a responsibility.

It may be that you have teenage children of your own who would welcome the companionship of a contemporary and would enjoy the company of friends from a different culture and upbringing. It may be that your children have grown up and left home but you feel you still have something to contribute as surrogate parents. You may simply enjoy the company of young people. You may have a connection with a particular school and want to do something that would help that school and its pupils and staff, or you may have a broad interest in education and a desire to play your own part in promoting understanding between nations.

“Alpha Plus is a great organisation to work with. We love to open our home to international students and provide care for them whilst they are studying in the UK. We see our students as an extension of our own family and are all fully supported by Emma and Kevin.”

Faye Brooke, Host family based in Gloucestershire

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