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Welcome to Alpha Plus Guardian Services, a UK-based company that provides guardianship care for international students aged between 8-18 who are studying here in the UK at Independent boarding schools.

We appoint carefully selected host families who provide a home for children during the long weekends known as exeats and half term breaks when the student is not able to travel to their own home.

Our host families represent a very special and hand-picked group who love the company of young people. Most of them either want to give another child the opportunity of sharing the home life of their own growing family or, if their children have already reached adulthood, feel that they can offer the safe and caring environment once occupied by their own children.

Alpha Plus takes a genuine interest in your child’s academic and personal and social development.

We’d be very happy to help you should you have any questions:
+44 (0) 7981 705275 / office@alphaplusguardians.co.uk

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