A willing partnership
Accredited by The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students


We encourage all schools with which we work to look upon Alpha Plus as a partner in the task of ensuring that the education of their students runs happily and productively over its full duration. We have over recent years built up a close relationship of mutual trust with the staff of many schools, and we like to think that Alpha Plus is often the first line of contact when problems minor or major occur with a student whose home is outside the United Kingdom.

As a guardianship organisation accredited to AEGIS (The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students) we hope very much that schools which number international students amongst their pupils will:

  • insist that such students each have a bona fide guardian to look after their interests in loco parentis
  • require that guardians, unless they be relatives of the student or close personal friends, should be accredited members of AEGIS
  • be on the school membership list of AEGIS

The advantages of using only accredited guardianship organisations are self-evident in terms of safety and security. Alpha Plus and the other AEGIS organisations are rigorously inspected on a regular basis and cannot achieve accreditation unless they meet strict criteria of pastoral care and administrative efficiency. AEGIS requires host families to be fully vetted and the accommodation offered to be appropriate to the age, gender and cultural background of the young person for whom it is intended.

Schools in membership of AEGIS enjoy a close working relationship with accredited guardianship organisations such as Alpha Plus. They have access to specially tailored policies and codes of practice which AEGIS has produced, and they are also offered frequent opportunities to send representatives to conferences and seminars dealing in depth with a wide variety of issues concerning guardianship and the responsibilities stemming from welcoming students from abroad into our schools.