Enabling students to make the most of their education
Accredited by The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students

What We Do

Everything we do is geared towards making a student's time in the United Kingdom enjoyable, productive, safe and stable.

Before introducing a student to a potential host family we visit the home in advance to check that the accommodation offered will fit the child's requirements. We also ensure that beyond the match of personalities there are facilities for relaxation as well as for study.

Every one of our host families has been rigorously vetted according to United Kingdom legal requirements, and we have ourselves checked the safety and insurance provision of each home. We also make sure that the medical and dietary needs of the children will be met.

Every student's time at school in this country should be purposeful and trouble-free. In order to ensure that each of them will get the best from teachers and the opportunities that each school offers we maintain close communication with the student's headmaster or headmistress. From the pastoral point of view, we keep regular contact with those who know the student best - the house parent and the tutor - in matters both routine and out of the ordinary. If the student's parents so wish, either Alpha Plus or a representative of the host family will attend parent/teacher meetings as a priority; and often students will be supported also when they are involved in sport, drama or music at their school or elsewhere.

For weekends and other breaks when the student needs a base away from school we ensure in advance that arrangements for travel and accommodation are in place. We reimburse host families immediately for any expenses they incur in entertaining their student and relay the charges to parents via the Alpha Plus termly account. When students are due to travel further afield (for example, when they are returning home for longer holidays) we can assist with the advance purchase of air, rail or coach tickets and will, if so requested and to the extent permitted by UK law, help over visa formalities and arrange for students' escort to and from stations and airports in the United Kingdom.

We expect to deal with any kind of question or problem at any time during the working day, and in the event of any kind of emergency we or our staff are available by telephone at all times, day or night.

We really hope there will never be any cause for student, parent or host family to make any kind of complaint; but in case they should be needed our grievance procedure and child protection policies are available for download.