The vital first point of contact for an overseas pupil
Accredited by The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students


ALPHA PLUS is a very good Guardianship Organisation successfully blending a very good quality of care with excellent organisation. It is fully committed to providing the best individual service to students and parents.

Alpha Plus was formed to supplement the educational and pastoral care offered to our students by their British schools and to provide them with the highest possible level of individual support both in term and during holiday periods spent in the United Kingdom.

We place each of our students with a host family living close to his or her school. We visit the homes of our host families in advance to be sure that we select the right environment - safe, stimulating and happy - for each child in our care.

By creating a link between the child's own family, the school and the hosts we can relay reports on academic matters and pastoral issues, and we can act as representatives at parents' meetings and similar events.

We coordinate arrangements for students' weekend exeats and half-term holidays and can assist with transport - for example, by organising taxis, obtaining tickets and, where necessary, applying for visas.

Using our extensive experience in the British independent sector we can offer advice and experience on a broad range of educational topics.

For Alpha Plus students and families a problem never need become a crisis. We are always here to sort out any difficulty that may arise, and we are on call twenty-four hours a day.